Check Processing

check_processingAlthough processing paper checks can be expensive and time-consuming, it can be a necessary evil for many businesses. If this is the case for you, it is critical for you to have the most efficient check processing and verification system available in order to help you manage your sales and liability.

What if you could find an electronic check processing solution that is risk-free and as easy as accepting credit cards? ExpiTrans has the answer. With our system, checks are scanned at the point-of-sale to create a digital image that is sent through our secure network, and you can then deposit a paper check or convert the check electronically. At point-of-sale, merchants can confirm that funds are available in order to guarantee payment.

ExpiTrans offers the most flexible check-processing solution with Check 21, where businesses can choose their program based on what type of checks they accept, their deposit method, level of protection and method of transaction. It also provides RDC (remote deposit capture) capabilities, so that non face-to-face check transactions can be processed more quickly and efficiently by electronic conversion, resulting in an electronic funds transfer. This system also reduces fraud by getting the checks to the bank more rapidly, allowing them to react to fraudulent checks that much faster.

ACH Processing

ach_processingACH stands for Automated Clearing House, a process in which you are able to automatically deduct funds from your customer’s bank account to pay a bill or invoice.

From one secure online environment, you can manage your entire customer base, including all of their bills or invoices. By using our system’s ability to customize and automate email notifications, you’ll be able to remind customers about upcoming payments, which will bolster customer relationships.

With our Billing Gateway system, business owners can process Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions online at any time of night or day. As with our systems for credit cards, you can initiate immediate payments or set up recurring payments on a cycle, and relax. Let ExpiTrans’ Billing Gateway automatically debit your customer on specified dates.

Why use ACH processing?

  • You’re tired of waiting for checks to arrive
  • You’re looking for a more efficient system than check processing
  • You’re looking to save money: Get more than 50% in savings over check processing, and more than 75% savings over credit card processing
  • You want to be able to process transactions and receive funds outside of bank hours