direct_responseAt ExpiTrans, all we do is merchant services. We focus on only improving our technology, service and customer support—we know that transactions are the lifeblood of your business, and want you to receive funds at all times.

This is why we offer our merchants 24/7 customer support. We are available for you round-the-clock because we want your merchant services to be seamless and customized. When you call ExpiTrans, our technicians and support managers will be able to answer your questions, quickly and professionally.

Whether you need technical support, statement analysis or training, ExpiTrans will be there for you.

Merchant Accounting

When there’s an issue with money, the worst situation to be in is without information—especially as a business owner. With ExpiTrans’ proprietary merchant portal, we give you access to real-time reports that give you the power of knowledge and foresight.

This invaluable easy-to-use online interface allows you, the merchant, analyze records and create reports that provide a complete financial perspective on current business, and for future opportunities.

Technical API Integration

ExpiTrans maintains a staff of programmers experienced in integrating web and other online applications to ExpiTrans payment network and third-party payment networks. Our staff utilizes a proven process: First, we ensure a thorough understanding of the merchant’s software platform and the most efficient ways to integrate to any third-party network. Then ExpiTrans will integrate the merchant’s website through a standard method that can interface efficiently with almost any type of third-party back-end system. ExpiTrans’ staff has broad experience both on the merchant system and third-party network side, which gives us an edge over other merchant service companies.

POS Integration
Whether it be direct integration or utilizing an embedded third-party credit card processing application, our experienced ExpiTrans staff will advise your company on the most cost-effective and technically efficient integration method. In addition to helping reduce the per-transaction costs of POS processing, we maintain best practices, allowing us to advise on the proper techniques to ensure the lowest interchange processing costs, from cash register to point-of-sale terminals and more.