Starting with big ideas of two wide-eyed college kids in early 2003, co-founders Scott Vickers and Kenneth Shaw (resigned in 2010) formed ExpiTrans with the intent to become a large software and solutions provider for the payment processing industry. ExpiTrans’ vision and scope has changed much since then, leaving an interesting and storied history. While many of those who have contributed over the years have come and gone, today Scott leads ExpiTrans with a great team of experienced industry veterans.

Scott Vickers, Founder

President and CEO

As President, Scott brings more than a decade of years of business management and development experience to ExpiTrans where he heads the development of our global marketing strategy, partnerships, and risk management policies. Before joining ExpiTrans, Scott was in charge of the staffing, training, and marketing as a senior manager and partner in a variety of contact centers in Orange County, California. There, he perfected his unique sales and marketing approaches which he now incorporates in ExpiTrans’ consulting with contact centers. Scott attended the University of California, Irvine where he studied Computer Engineering.

Bryan Tepus, Vice President of Business Development

Tiffany Daniels, Director of Operations & Partner Support

Alan Braverman, Director of Risk Management & Underwriting

Maria Jose, Accounting

Jim Pink, Business Development Manager

Bailey Brooks, Technical Support & Deployment Manager