ExpiTrans, A History in Brief

Early 2003: ExpiTrans founders meet and begin planning the development of a closed-loop stored value and loyalty card network that would provide a unified payment vehicle for students at UC Irvine. The project was ultimately scrapped when they couldn’t get the support of the university’s administration for the project. However the project laid the foundation for what would later become ExpiTrans core business of transaction processing.

November 2003: Responding to the opportunity to develop a proprietary call center management solution, ExpiTrans was officially formed. The platform called “Central” automated the workflow of ExpiTrans’ call center client’s. It was one of the first ever fully web based calling platforms that directly integrated VoIP and included a manual dialing, super dialing and predictive dialing system also integrated an array of back end payment processors modules that allowed the call center to route various order types to the correct merchant account. The platform was also directly integrated into the client’s web based fulfillment platform.

November 2003 -> January 2005: ExpiTrans provided consulting services to it’s call center clients that included merchant account management, web/software development and risk management.

January 2005: ExpiTrans developed it’s own payment gateway to route transactions to the various payment processors and acquiring banks where ExpiTrans’ clients had accounts.

February 2005: ExpiTrans refocused on exclusively developing a full suite of payment processing solutions and added-value services.

October 2005: ExpiTrans moved to a new office in Costa Mesa and began developing a sales force to directly sell payment processing services to small businesses across the United States.

November 2005: ExpiTrans began providing payment gateway services to international merchants.

June 2006: ExpiTrans’ founders form a sister company in Philippines which opens an office in Makati to develop software and provide back office service to ExpiTrans.

August 2006: ExpiTrans launches an e-check processing business providing services to merchants nationwide.

June 2007: ExpiTrans becomes a registered ISO/MSP with sponsorship from HSBC Bank USA NA.

January 2008: ExpiTrans launches a new version of their payment gateway that incorporates a full accounting suite to handle third party processing settlement accounting, recurring billing and cardholder data tokenization management.

August 2008: ExpiTrans achieves Level 1 PCI compliance for it’s payment gateway platform.

June 2009: ExpiTtrans launches full suite of online marketing and shopping cart and website development services for small businesses.

April 2010: ExpiTrans moves headquarters to Newport Beach, CA.

June 2010: ExpiTrans co-founder Kenneth Shaw leaves ExpiTrans to pursue an executive role at a major international media company.

October 2010: ExpiTrans launches customized hosted payment page solution for fitness bootcamps. The service is called: bootcampbilling.com.

November 2010: ExpiTrans launches customized hosted payment page solution for faith based organizations. The service is called: faithpayments.com.

June 2012: ExpiTrans launches mcafunding.com to provide loans and merchant cash advances to small businesses.