loyalty_gift_cardOne of the best and easiest presents to give a spouse, family member, friend or newlyweds is a gift card for their favorite store. And if they have a favorite store, they are likely to be repeat shoppers. As a retailer, you’re missing out on great deal of business if you do not offer gift or loyalty cards.

With ExpiTrans, you’ll be able to experience the increased sales that the larger retailers have enjoyed by offering electronic gift, loyalty and other stored-value cards. When these cards first came out on the market, their extremely high cost prohibited smaller businesses from using them. ExpiTrans has been able to reduce both the cost and the order sizes, allowing any sized business to offer these cards that increase revenue and motivate repeat sales.

Watch your business grow after you start offering gift and loyalty cards—they promote brand recognition, repeat spending and positive recommendations. That kind of advertising can’t be bought!

The benefits of stored-value cards include:

  • Increasing company revenue
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Keeping money in the business by using refund cards for use in the store as opposed to giving back cash
  • Access to reports that will aid in improved marketing strategies
  • Acquiring funds before any products are purchased
  • No specialized equipment or hardware needed